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Galileo Galilei代写 Galileo Galilei is among the renowned 16th century scientists who contributed immensely to science and theories.

Science discoveries are considered to be at the frontiers of development throughout the history of the world.

These discoveries changed how we view our world or how we do things. Galileo Galilei is among the renowned 16th century scientists who contributed immensely to science and theories. No can ever envision us living without his contribution to science astronomy discoveries. He was a controversial scientist who was able to disapprove some of the famous theories and was able to practically prove the errors in them. He gained popularity not until ascertaining different ideas and things and was able to prove that he was actually right and some theories of the past were erroneous.

The writing is about Galileo Galilei and his scholarly contribution astronomy as a scientific field using self-made telescope, he was able to observe the different phenomenon of the solar system. Through his telescopic observations of the universe he was able discover various phenomena on astronomy which helped further explain the reason why the Earth is part of the solar system and not in the center of the solar system. This was his main discovery.

In this essay a brief biography of Galileo is given.  Galileo Galilei代写

The essay will also evaluate those researches that were conducted before Galileo research. This will give more light to his contribution to the field of astronomy and how he was able to bring change on how people understood the universe.

Galileo was not only well-known for being an influential astronomer, but also a famous scientist and a brilliant mathematician. From 1564–1642 was a remarkable period to him as it was one of the most significant period of his astronomical discoveries. He was able to fit in different areas of research ranging from astronomy, mathematics, to classical physics. Galileo is also considered amongst the pioneers of modern physics and astronomy.

Galileo’s astronomical researches were instrumental improving the heliocentric model on the solar system which was first propounded by Copernicus.  Today he is being accredited for practical experimentation as the basis of his scientific study, and how he used mathematical abstraction in validating his experimental studies. This formed the foundation for the modern science mathematical abstraction and experimentation.

Galileo was born in Pisa in 1564, Tuscany, in a family of six children and he was eldest. He was born of a merchant father who was not well off. Galileo had interest in becoming a priest but to his father it was not enough for him, he convinced him to join medical school in University of Pisa. However, later on, Galileo found love for Mathematics which made him leave medical school rather than medicine. (Bellis, 2013; “Galileo Galilei,” 2013)

He also found himself doing fine arts while in the university of Pisa.  Galileo Galilei代写

He was able to perfect the art to the extent that he even taught courses at the Accademia Delle Arti del Disegno in Florence.  He dropped out of school before he could even complete his course due to lack money to support him in doing the course. In 1589, he had writing on motion which won him a chance of professorship and was given a position of chairman of mathematics in the University of Pisa.  Galileo later moved to Padua where he continued with his work at University of Pisa (“Galileo Biography,” 2013).

In early 1609

Galileo Galilei代写
Galileo Galilei代写

Galileo when he was going about his professor work at the university, he got information about discovery of spyglass created by Lippershey and Dutch scientist. He took interest in the spyglasses and acquired them to study them himself. He found that when these spyglasses are held together they bring the object closer three times. However, this experiment had harder part of the image being upside down.

He furthered his research on how light travel and how to improve the spyglasses and his liking and interests. He made his own glasses and connected three spyglasses in one; the image through these glasses was upright. He later named it a telescope which he later worked on to make it better. He used the top of his house to watch the solar system using his telescope, from then he started making his discoveries (Bellis, 2013).

Before Galileo’s time to study astronomy, the Catholic Church and the Bible were the taken as the sole principal way of explaining the universe and another phenomenon that was happening in the solar system. No one could go against the church and Bible believes. He was a devoted follower of Catholic Church.

During those early days in growth, Claudius Ptolemy had developed a model called geocentric model at the beginning of 2nd century A.D. Claudius in his model suggested that the Earth is at the center of the solar system and that the sun and other universe bodies revolve around it. The model was accepted widely and believed to be true. The Catholic Church also encouraged people to believe in it. (Moché, 2009; Redd, 2013)

In 1543  Galileo Galilei代写

Nicholaus Copernicus later came up with a newer model called Heliocentric Model. Heliocentric Model came with a new perspective on how to view the Earth. The model declared that the Earth is not at the center of the universe and that no planets revolve around it. It asserted that the Earth is part of the solar system and that the Sun is at the center of the universe and all the other planets including Earth and other heavenly bodies revolve around it. (Moché, 2009; Redd, 2013)

The Copernican theory got support from Galileo Galilei (“Galileo Biography,” 2013). However Copernican theory was rejected by the Church because it was against the teaching and believes of the church. Because of this, Copernicus’ literature was banned by the Church. (Machamer, 2009; Moché, 2009). But this did not make Galileo back off from his research regardless of him being a staunch Catholic Believer. And despite his doctrinal and personal deviations from Church teaching, Galileo was a devout Catholic, and even sent two of his (illegitimate) daughters to the convent.

Using his own telescope, Galileo Galilei was able to give many contributions to the field of astronomy by observing the sky. His major discoveries were the moon in the Jupiter and the phases of Venus.

He made two major discoveries which had previously brought controversies.  Galileo Galilei代写

He provided a proof that heliocentric model which was propounded by Copernicus to be a correct explanation about the solar system and universe. (Moché, 2009; Weisstein, 2007)

Galileo observations on the moons of Jupiter rejected the geocentric model’s argument against the Copernican theory. The argument was that, if the Sun was the center of the solar system, the moon on Earth will be lost because the Earth is revolving around the Sun. Therefore, to keep the moon, Earth must be the center of the solar system. However, by observing the moons of Jupiter, which were later named Galilean moons in honor of Galileo, rotating around it, the scientist had only an option to accept the fact of the planet keeping its moon(s) regardless of its position in the universe. It did not depend on the center position of the universe. (Moché, 2009; “Galileo Biography,” 2013)

Galileo observed Venus for years.  Galileo Galilei代写

He realized of its phases which helped in further strengthening heliocentric model. He established that Venus revolves around the Sun and is only visible from the Earth with the apparent position with the Sun. He likened this with phases of the moon when watched from the Earth surface. In the geocentric model, there were no phases of the Venus as it would always be a crescent shape because the Sun would not be in the center of its orbit. (Moché, 2009; “Galileo Biography,” 2013)

Galileo argument and theories faced opposition especially from the church regardless of his convincing theoretical evidence about the universe. Galileo personally sent a copy to the esteemed Cardinal Robert Bellarmine, who strongly oppose Copernican’s theory. The theories espoused by the heliocentric system posed a threat to the accepted Christian cosmology. The Roman Inquisition investigated the validity of Copernicus’s heliocentric model in 1615.

The Inquisition echoed the verdict at which Cardinal Bellarmine had arrived, which was that heliocentric was only to be interpreted as a hypothesis, and should not be understood as accepted truth. The church even banned his writing from being read. However, his writing circulated to the communities and the church was d eventually forced to accept the facts on what Galileo discovered. Galileo had already published multiple books prior to being charged the heresy by the Church and placed under house arrest (“Galileo Biography,” 2013; Bellis, 2013).

(“Galileo Biography, 2013; Bellis, 2013)  Galileo Galilei代写

While under his house arrest, he continued to do his the writing of the discoveries he made and published books on them. He did this regardless of his eyes sight weakening after prolonged exposure to Sun rays through his telescope to made other another astronomical discoveries (“Our solar system,” 2011).

After years of his incarceration and his writing being banned by the church, the church in 1758, had to face the truth and withdrew the ban of his manuscripts on Copernican theory and the heliocentric model. The opposition to his writing was completely abandoned in 1835 (“Galileo Biography, 2013).

In the early 20th century, the work of Galileo gained acknowledge from some Popes as the scientific revolutionary work. This saw Pope John Paul II publicly apologized in 1992 and regrettably said it was unfair what Galileo in underwent (“Galileo Biography,” 2013; Bellis, 2013).

Galileo Galilei made the significant contribution to the science of astronomy basically through observation of the sky with his own made telescope.  Galileo Galilei代写

His dedication saw the new dawn of major discoveries in the field which helped prove some model which most people believed and trusted to be true but were ironically erroneous. He was able to prove that the Earth is not at the center of the solar system as people believed through the religiously accepted geocentric model.

Galileo establishment of the correct understanding of the solar system through his discovery of the moons of Jupiter. And the phases of the Venus formed the basis of the later scientific astronomical research. His support of heliocentric model by Nicholaus Copernicus proved wrong the prior believe by the church on the geocentric model which was introduced by Claudius Ptolemy.

Finally, using his self-made telescopes he was able to observe the in a better position for him to observe the sunspots, the milky, Saturn rings and craters on the moon surface (Moché, 2009). Still, recent publishing has given evidence that Neptune was discovered by Galileo centuries ago before it was officially found by the satellites and using modern telescopes (Redd, 2013).

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Galileo Galilei代写
Galileo Galilei代写

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