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Hip-Hop Music代写 Hip-hop music begun in the 1970s in New York City. Hip-hop culture has been a dominant culture in the African American people.



Hip-hop music begun in the 1970s in New York City. The cultures started as music which was used to air the voice of the economically, racially, and the downtrodden people in the American society. The culture has been considered to represent the “others” who have been oppressed by the dominant colonial class. Today, hip-hop culture and music has been integrated into most aspects of American culture. That is, in music, fashion, film, art, politics, and life in society are now getting influence from the genre. Hip-hop studies have attracted the attention of modern scholars because of it being a young and growing culture in the midst of opposition and controversies. Perhaps what attracts most scholar is the genre attracting the attention of the many as well as being favorite beside its legitimacy.

Hip-hop culture has been a dominant culture in the African American people.  Hip-Hop Music代写

The cultural form of hip-hop music is attributed to the rhythm of the beats and rapping.  There are four main pillars on which the hip-hop music culture is formed, that is rapping which is mainly accompanied by beats and microphone commandant and a rhythmic vocal rhyming style as well as DJing culture and music.

Since the time of its evolution, hip-hop has been associated with vulgarity and violence as most of the actors have been linked to violence and theft. The culture is labeled by those who use it as the struggle for the oppressed and as a way through which they voice their plights. They portray hip-hop as a cry for their rights. Therefore, this research will focus on establishing why hip hop is still popular as the mainstream genre and why it is being listened to by most people as well as what makes it legitimate. To answer these questions, the research will carry out the empirical study of hip-hop music in New York City. The findings will then be compiled and qualitatively analyzed and interpreted for conclusion.

The Rationale of The Study  Hip-Hop Music代写

The purpose of this empirical and qualitatively study is to answer the questions of why hip-hop is still famous and legitimate regardless of controversies and criticisms surrounding it. For many decades, hip-hop has attracted much negative opinion because of its use of language and violence culture it elicits. As such, this research will establish why it is that hip-hop music has remained so famous and legitimate in the midst of criticisms. At the same, the paper will establish who listen to hip-hop music and why. Therefore, the research to answer the question is crucial as it will also add more knowledge into the understanding of hip-hop culture and the role it plays in the people who like and listen to it.

Research Question  Hip-Hop Music代写

Question: If hip-hop contains so much explicit material and is so highly criticized, why is it such a favorite, mainstream genre? What makes it a legitimate genre? Why do we listen to hip-hop?

The Objective of The Study

Hip-Hop Music代写
Hip-Hop Music代写

The research will have several objectives which it will strive to achieve:

i. Explain the hip-hop music as a modern culture being integrated into modern society.

ii. To identify the criticism leveled against hip-hop

iii. Explain why hip-hop is still favorited in particular groups of people

iv. Explain what makes the music genre legitimate

The hypothesis of the Study  Hip-Hop Music代写

i. Hip-hop is used to voice the plight of African America black people.

ii. Many young people like hip-hop music

Literature Review  

Racism and slavery have been in American as long as since 16th century. African has only seen a property to the white masters, and therefore they had no rights as the white man. The case of Dred v. Sandford clearly shows how slavery was real in American as well as the origin of the black man struggle to liberate himself and be free. Much of this theme of racism, injustices, and struggle for freedom is depicted in the case between Plessy and Fergusson. Plessy was arrested and convicted for sitting in Whiteman’s only car.

In his book, Chang interviewed various artist including DJ Kool Herk, Afrika Bambaataa, Chuck D, and Ice Cube as well as another graffiti master like DJs, Rappers, and other hip-hop artists. Each one of these interviewees shared their story as well as their career as the artists. Chang found that rap music is a way of life, a culture which has been engraved in the life of African American as they believe it to be the way of expression and hope.

Rap has remained the most salient genre in the 21st century.  Hip-Hop Music代写

Notably, the gangster rap and its focus on street life have been used by contemporary African American youths as the dominant way of expressions and communication. The themes that are evident in the culture include identity, violence, and nihilism. The article further explains how delinquent behavior emanates from the social code in black youth because of despair, social isolation, and structural disadvantages.

Another study by Conrad and others focused on the controversial themes that the rap music video voices through BET, MTV, and VH1. The significant themes the hip-hop culture are gender differences, skin distortion and other controversial themes. It was found that modern rap music has put more emphasis on themes of materialism and misogyny. The hip-hop videos also display women as sex objects with more of them appearing to have Eurocentric features.

On the issues of hip-hop transformation over time, Adams and Douglas noted that, although the words being used in contemporary rap music has changed, the ideology has remained unchanged. They noted that rap music has metamorphosized over time as it has been used to express various ideas, feelings, and emotions. The researcher found that the ideology of misogyny still exists in the gangster rap thus traces the history of African woman characteristics.

The Methodology of The Study  Hip-Hop Music代写

The research will be empirically and qualitatively analyzed. Empirical research means using empirical evidence. The approach aims at gaining knowledge about the phenomenon through both direct and indirect observations or experiences. In this case, empirical evidence is  the records that will be collected from the observations or experiences. In the context of this research, the empirical evidence will then be quantitatively analyzed. To qualify the evidence gathered from the research, empirical questions will be answered from the data collected.

The research uses both descriptive and interpretive approach and analyzes data through qualitative methods. In data collection, the research intends to use direct observation in the project sites, administration of questionnaires to the targeted respondents and carry out interviews of the key artists in the music industry especially in hip-hop music. Questionnaires will be used to evaluate the respondent’s knowledge and opinion about hip-hop. The participants will be expected to answer whether they like hip-hop and why they like it. Qualitative research, direct and indirect observations are used to complement questionnaires and interviews.

Bibliography  Hip-Hop Music代写

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Hip-Hop Music代写
Hip-Hop Music代写

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