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Movie Review代写 The Japanese use films to display their cultural practices as well as social, economic and political issues affecting them.


Japan has used films since the 18th century. The Japanese use films to display their cultural practices as well as social, economic and political issues affecting them. In the films Yojimbo and Hidden Blade, the producers voiced the issues affecting the Japanese society and how various characters sacrificed to liberate their people. This review compares the themes, plot, characterization, and scenes between Yojimbo and Hidden Blade. Further, the paper will expound on how themes and characters are achieved citing various instances in the films.

Summary  Movie Review代写

Yojimbo presents a masterless samurai and a crafty young man. He lived in a town with two conflicting gangs and was wandering with the aim of being hired by either of the gangs. The man was plotting to put to an end these criminal gangs by manipulating them to his advantage. The samurai is depicted as the protector when he helped the young man and the clansmen to recuse his uncle who has been in custody for being framed by the corrupt regime (Kurosawa). The  “Hidden Blade” by Yamada Yodi. The film was set in the 1860s but produced in 2004. The film is about the ruling and structures changes in Japan and revolves around several samurai young men (Yamada).

Both Yojimbo and the Hidden Blade are similar and different in various aspects.  Movie Review代写

The similarities exist between the main characters seeking for a social, structural and political change in their society. Yojimbo revolves around Sanjuro who was a young samurai crafting to end the two conflicting gangs in his village. Sanjuro wanted to be hired as a bodyguard of either of them to have a chance of creating conflict between the two business gangs. The two groups were unscrupulous business people and were mostly violent and dealing with illegal substances. They were also ready to kill in order to remain influential and in control. Therefore no dared to challenge their control in the town.

Movie Review代写
Movie Review代写

The Hidden Blade, on the other hand, was set up when Japan was undergoing structural and social changes through the Japanese samurai stars.  

The film depicts a society where the rulers were ready to commit any atrocity to remain powerful and retain the status quo. The film revolves around Munezo Katagiri who was a samurai young man, a social and a political defiant. Katagiri was ready to challenge the ruling class for social and political changes. He and other samurai learn the western defense culture which was treated with disdain by the government officials and the elders. In defense of Kie and to break her out of slavery, Katagiri force her husband to sign the divorce papers and took off with her to this house. Katagiri also went for the defense of the Hamazas who were being mistreated by the corrupt system in the administration.

However, the two movies were different in setting, plot, and characters.  Movie Review代写

Yojimbo theme was created by Sanjuro and his conflict with two business gangs in the town. The Hidden Blade on the other had many staring working towards social and political changes by challenging the ruling class and structure. Yojimbo mostly fought for the clansmen from the hand of the unscrupulous gangs terrorizing them. The Hidden Blade had was set to see the larger picture of the ruling class in the Japanese society, and it has worked to retain its status quo by use of unconventional methods like imprisonment and death sentences.

Characterization  Movie Review代写

Both Sanjuro and Katagiri are presented as the activists in their society who were ready to defend the helpless in the society from the corrupt powerful. For instance, Sanjuro came to the rescue of the uncle to a young man in his village, and who was framed and imprisoned by the corrupt people in the society. The act shows a man who was ready to fight for civil rights and equality in society. Further, Sanjuro craft to collide the two conflicting businessmen signaled the redemption to freedom from the dominant classes.

Katagiri together with other samurai became defiant of the social and cultural norms to explore new ways of fighting their enemies. For instance, when they decided to train with the western weaponry which was culturally and politically detested, they were arrested and imprisons. Their act of learning the foreign culture was the new approach to fighting the existing regime and show the people that there is a need for a change. They did regardless of the consequences.

The movies also portray both Sanjuro and Katagiri as heroes. They were heroes in their fight against social and political injustices in their society. In his quest to end the gangs in his village, Sanjuro engages in a dangerous escapade by being close to both warring gangs. He risked being discovered as a spy disguised as a friend to the group. It is this sacrifice and fighting with the powers that Sanjuro can be labeled a hero. Sanjuro did not fight the battles for personal gain but the benefit of the whole community, and that is what heroes do.

On the other hand, Katagiri performance and actions stand out in the whole film.  Movie Review代写

He is supported by his fellow samurai men in establishing a better society. One of his heroic acts is when he forced the husband to Kie to sign the divorce papers. He did so to rescue Kie from the hard labor and another mistreatment she was getting from her new home. If it were not for Katagiri, Kie would have lived suffering abuse and slavery. Also, when Yaichiro broke out of prison, he took a family hostage and Hori demand that Katagiri dispatches him.

Although Yaichiro was an expert in swords, Katagiri had to train a new technique in order to beat Yaichiro expertise. He risked his life to fight a Yaichiro and eventually managed to kill him. He also turned to Hiro who has committed atrocities to his people through his corrupt system. So that to avenge for the people who have suffered under his regime, Katagiri stabbed him to death. As a result, Katagiri became a hero to the people he liberated from evil people who never cared about their welfare.

Themes in the Films  Movie Review代写

The theme is the subject of a piece of writing, film, or artwork. The scriptwriter and producers of both films have clearly outlined various themes through setting, scenes, plot and characterization. Yojimbo on one end has the themes of heroism and social injustices. The producer has developed these two themes through Sanjuro. He was a young samurai man, famous, brave, and intelligent. Through his characterization, the theme of heroism was developed. He fearlessly crafted the end of the two unscrupulous business gangs terrorizing the people in the town. The act of risking his life and engaging in with the two groups was too risky for an average person to take, but he did and eventually succeeded in ending the group dominance in town. This was an act of heroism.

The theme of social injustice is also evident in the film Yojimbo.  Movie Review代写

The community in which Sanjuro lived suffered from crimes committed by the two gangs waring for the control of the business empire. The two gangs engaged in drug business which was illegal in Japan. One instance of the social justice was committed to the uncle of the young man Sanjuro rescued. The man was framed and convicted through the corrupt group of influential business and political classes. Many more had undergone mistreatment and faced injustices in the corrupt system.

Movie Review代写
Movie Review代写

Similarly, Hidden Blade has the theme of heroism and social injustices. 

The themes were developed through characterization of Katagiri. He was a brave a brave samurai man determined to end the social injustice in his society. His character first emerged when he rescued Kie from mistreatment and slavery in her husband house. He also went on to fight Yaichiro who broke out of prison and kidnapped a family. Moreover, when Katagiri learned of Hiro corrupt ways, he eliminated to avenge for the people who suffered on his hands.

Overall, the films successful brought out the issues of heroism and social injustices which were solved through characters, plot, set, themes, and scenes. Both of them are similar in the fight against injustices in society. Moreover, through various characters, the social injustices were ended by brave, selfless, and passionate people in the society. As such, liberating the people from the bondage of slavery, terror, and mistreatments.

Work Cited Movie Review代写

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