How to Play the Hunger Games Simulator

Hunger Games Simulator代写 The Hunger Games simulator is the third simulator released on Brantsteele and the first one non-game show-related.


The Hunger Games simulator is the third simulator released on Brantsteele and the first one non-game show-related. It was initially released on on 25th December 2014 and was designed by Jacob and programmed by Brant Steele. Because it is a movie-like format compares to the reality-show form of other Brantsteele simulators, it has received widespread acclaim, due to its ability to be used as a sophisticated “death simulator.” The game was based on the 2012 American science fiction film and novel by Suzzane Collins. The hunger game simulator is similar to the book storyline and features two participants from each of the 12 districts.

The hunger game simulator involves young teenagers between the age of 12 and 18. The players are referred to as the tributes, but the player can add their customized icons. The Hunger Game was a real-time televised, and the participants were required to fights to death. The rule of the game was that only one survivor could declare the winner and, after ascertaining that all other tributes have been eliminated. Due to the violent nature of the game, The Hunger Game Simulator site Brantsteele require that every player to agree to terms and conditions and be at least 13 years and above or have parental guidance or permission.

Format of the Game  Hunger Games Simulator代写

The Hunger Game simulator is made up of 24 to 48 tributes who engage in the “kill or be killed” hide and seek game. Every one of these tribunes is trying to survive the Hunger Games. The hunger game simulator is made of random events and can have 1-5 people at a go. The player of the simulation is expected to be aware that the game is violence. That is, it has a scene that shows people killing each other. Most events are fatal and that if the one survivor is the direct cause of death, he/she is considered to have killed another survivor.

While the game assumes that the winner is the one who survives the longest in the game field, the number of kills made are statistically calculated and are aggregated to bonus points for the killer. Eventually, the survivors who died that day will be displaced. The competition ends once there is only one tribune left and will be declared the winner of the Hunger Games.

Simulation Structure  Hunger Games Simulator代写

Moreover, the Hunger Game Simulator is split in a non-determined-days of competition. Unlike other simulators, The Hunger Game simulator does not have a predetermined structure.  The structure of the game depends on how many tributes have been killed or a tribute has killed. Thus, the game can last let say two days. Nonetheless, there is a general structure that can be attributed to the Hunger Game simulator on a typical day. There are two pages of events that the player can read what and tributes are doing. Another one page is reserved for the fallen tributes where the player can check who they tributes are, how they died, place of death, and for how long they were in the game.

The dead tributes do not take part in the competition. The Fallen Tributes are always displayed after the sentence: “[Number of fallen tributes] cannon shots can be heard in the distance.” Notably, at times there is no fallen tribute, and hence the tribute page will be blank and showing; “0 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.” It means that the game has not changed and continues with the same number of competitors. After reading through the pages, the player can navigate to the next option to check the status of those alive or skip to the next day’s events in the Hunger Game Simulator.

Hunger Games Simulator代写
Hunger Games Simulator代写

Additionally, as the simulation continues, particular occurrences can cause the simulation to modify. They include;  

a. The bloodbath: It is the first event in the simulator. At the event, the tributes are given a chance to compete for the weapon, goods, waters, and any other valuable that they see fit for their quest for competition. Alternatively, the tribute can opt not to participate in the bloodbath, run and hide for safety and to plan for an ambush.

b. The feast: The event is for replenishing the Cornucopia with food, supplies, weapons, and memoirs from the families of the tributes. Tributes have choices to either scramble, die trying, or ignore it altogether.

c. Arena Events: The controller of the hunger game simulator has the discretion to release hazardous events into the arena such as “acidic rain pours down in the arena” or ” a tsunami rolls into the arena” which are incredibly fatal and cause the highest death rate. The intention to make sure everyone in the game struggle to survive including those who opted to hide.

Setting Option  Hunger Games Simulator代写

The simulators have setting options, and most do no share similar options because the nature of every simulator is different. The Hunger Game simulator has varied settings options for the players to customize their simulation. The following options are available for Hunger Game simulator:

a. Adjust size which can be 24, 36 or 48

b. Edit cast

c. Death rate which can be very high, high, medium or low

d. Cornucopia and Feast. Can be set to normal or decreased

e. Arena events. The players have the option to either enable or disable

f. Modify events

Custom Text  

Since 2017, the simulator was updated, and players notified that they could change the default text on the simulator if they are interested in a non-violent simulation of the hunger game. Another update is freedom to remove the Hunger Games simulation terms and phrases that were previously attached to all simulations if they want, or if they can think of their creative theme.

These updated features are located on the Options section of the simulator. Players can be able to every title, description, and default texts of the simulator. For a full non-violent simulation, it’s necessary also to change the simulators’ events, which can be done on the Modify events section.

Hunger Games Simulator代写
Hunger Games Simulator代写

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