Topic: My Personal experience

Keep the following in mind before beginning this assignment:

Remember to utilize proper grammar and complete sentences in your responses

Include the appropriate detail in your response

Utilize terms and concepts presented in the materials

Read the materials in Module 3 on writing a narrative paper. Review the basics of writing an essay in Module 1. Then, based on that information and the materials in your text (Chapter 10), complete the following activity:

Descriptive/Narrative Essay

For our first essay, we will be writing a descriptive narrative. Narratives tell a story, and here you will be telling your story.

Directions: Write about a life lesson that you learned. It doesn’t necessarily need to be one that is a major one, but it should be one that is significant to you. The lesson you choose to write about should be one that is true and happened in the past. Describe the experience that led up to that lesson. Be as descriptive as you can.

Make sure to include a title and follow the essay format given in Module 1.

Length: Five paragraph standard college essay, double-spaced. Make sure you follow the format for the narrative: Five paragraphs. The first (1) is the introduction with the thesis statement, two (2) is the Rising Action, three (3) is the Climax, four (4) is the Falling Action, and five (5) is the conclusion (Denouement), lesson learned.