Leadership in Practic
This essay under “Leadership in Practice module”. I attached the module and assignment guidelines. As a pharmacist, I chose my project which is:
“Designing and Implementing of Educational Programme for Pharmacists in the Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs”
I have to write about MYSELF in how I will lead the designing and implementing this educational programme in the hospital pharmacy that I work in. (I work in King Fahad Hospital in Medina, Saudi Arabia).
Because I will write about my skills in leadership, it is possible to use “I”, “my” ….etc. words in this essay.(I attached a previous work as an example for youto see an overview on structure of writing this module assay)
I prepared 11 evidences to use it as proofs during writing my assay byreferring to the evidence’s number only—-and should write in details about my skills in leadership that shown in results— (these evidences attached to you with request).
The structure of writing this essay should be:
1- Background and introduction… (Importance of the subject)
2- This project will address leadership issues relation to … (Programme’s title)
3- Aims of project… (Pharmacy workers safety…etc.)
4- Leadership role…
5- Strategy for achieving successful outcomes…
6- Issues…. (TWO ISSUES ONLY): I will examine my leadership in relation to this project by focussing on:
(1)** Negotiation with management to ensure successful strategy implementation,
(2)** Selling the ideas for hospital administration and obtain the support.
(Why choose these strategies? … why successful?…)
7- Evaluation: will be addressed through…
8- Include dissemination…
9- Future work / plans