In 2011, the Arab world experienced unprecedented series of political uprisings. Some of the dictatorial regimes were toppled. Worse still, some of the leaders of these Arab countries met their deaths in cruel manners that shook the core of other Arab countries. These uprisings have changed the political temperature and atmosphere of the Arab world (DALACOURA, 2012). Most people are using such terms as ‘crisis’, ‘revolt’ and ‘uprising’ in the place of ‘revolution’ (as such occurrences were commonly referred to). The main reason for these uprisings was centered on poor and dictatorial leadership that totally oppressed the regular citizen and sometimes annihilation of anyone who dared question the authority of the government leaders. With the hope that a change in government would bear better fruits, revolt, and revolt more did the people do. With the governments changed (others in their transitional stage), have the various Countries experienced the change they revolted for?