Write an essay (six pages for each question) to answer each question below. Each essay should follow APA guidelines, be between 6-8 pages in length, and be fully

researched and supported by refereed reference material. For each question, please use the book of The New Public Service for Janet V. Denhardt and Robert B. Denhardt

third edition. In addition to this book, please use eight academic journals from PAR (Public Administration Review). The academic journals must be only from Public

Administration Review. In some cases this may be new research for you or an area that you will have to do significant background research to fully explore the


Course 3: PA Theory

Considering public administration as a set of governmental institutions, what is the relevance that PA theory has to the practice of PA? Provide specific examples.
It is often difficult to make a clear determination of the relevance of PA theory to practice, how would you revise PA theory so as to enhance its relevance to the

development and operation of public administration institutions?
How does our cultural tendency towards individualism create a conflict between right action and public action? How do we maximize utility for all while still

maintaining individual supremacy?