Social Media and Education

In general, Social Media had an influence on everything from dating, friendships, school socialization, bullying, self-esteem, etc. You cannot simply report that it has had an influence on people. Would you like to research whether or not it can be used as an effective teaching tool (or is it just a shallow social platform)? Would you like to look at whether or not it harms children–similar to how some television programming has been shown to be negative” Please create your questions for this research paper. And then follow the instruction below.

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Journal of Learning Disabilities
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2. Please write an annotated bibliography in APA format hi-lighting at least 4 sources you will use. Your sources at this point should include research journals, government websites that provide data (i.e. U.S. Census) and school report cards (

3. Create an outline for your paper. Identify and briefly explain each section you will write about in your paper. You will also refine and hammer down your thesis statement.