Descriptive 300-600 word essay   The essay will be based on the musical ?A Chorus Line?. I need a descriptive essay on how as I rehearsed for the musical ?A Chorus Line?, that I connected with character in the play. This connection with the characters allowed me to perform better. I wasn?t just doing the dance steps and singing the song, I felt them (I lived them or something like that). These rehearsals were exactly what the real characters felt as they rehearsed.   The essay will start with these lines from the song ?I Need This Job?:   Step, Kick, Kick, Leap, Kick, Touch?Again!   Step, Kick, Kick, Leap, Kick, Touch? Again!   Just as the characters in the play are going through this exhausting rehearsal, I am going through this exhausting rehearsal and try out.

Just as the character want the job (or part), I really want a front line dance part. That is when it hits me that I am just like the characters in the musical. This realization allowed me to perform even better. There is also a line or two in the song where the performers say ?God I hope I get it?, if you can work that in fine otherwise it is not a big deal.   Here is a link to the song and an example performance.…………..




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