* I need arumentative essay with introduction, four argument paragraphs, one counter argument paragraph with refutation and conclusion.

– In introduction:
1- Attention grabbing statement.
2- Clear and important background information.
3- Complete thesis statement and key support points.

– Body paragraphs:
1- Precise topic sentences make a statement about the argument being addressed.
2- Points support thesis
3- Points are supported by evidence/facts/studies.
4- Evidence is adequality integrated.

– Objection (counter argument paragraph):
1- Precise topic sentence makes a statement about the opposing argument being addressed fairly.
2- Points prove thesis statement.
3- Key points provide an adequate rebuttal of the opposing side based on research.
4- Strong refutation.

– Conclusion:
1- Summary of key points ties essay together and concludes the claim made throughout the research.
2- Naturally and precisely restates the thesis.
3- Makes strong final analysis/call for action/implications for future.

* Each argument paragraph with source or studies

* Don’t write the essay in a professional way because my English is not good enough.