Topic: Comparing Different Disciplinary Texts (Compare and Contrast)

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Comparing the two texts, “Acquaintance Rape: One Woman’s Story” (“Acquaintance Rape: One woman’s story” (online)

) and “When is it Rape?” by Nancy Gibbs.To select a position in comparing two texts on the same topic, from different disciplines, genres and sources;
To demonstrate your ability to find the most outstanding points to compare and contrast, based on which to create and support a strong thesis statement;
To provide strong supports (examples and details) to the points you are comparing in order to bring a clear understanding to both the texts and the topic discussed;
To create coherence and logical connection among paragraphs;
To start to search for more reliable and scholarly evidence to support your conclusion and cite them correctly.Essay Requirements: have to clearly hold your side and provide strong enough support and rhetorical analysis to why you hold to that position. To make your position convincing and persuasive, you have to choose what kind of support will work better to create trustworthiness and reliability. Examples to support the points should be find in these two articles.I’ve attached three files of these two articles and a sample outline.