Visual Essay & Digital Collage

Project description
Power Point Visual Essay & Digital Collage must include:
1. A focus on one of the novel’s main themes. All writing, except for quotations from the novel, must be in your own words.

2. Five images you carefully select to symbolize your chosen theme. These could be your own images or photographs. (Do not choose images from the movie or the book illustrations.)

3. A minimum of five slides that includes both the images and relevant quotations from the novel ( the quotations could be related to plot events and conflict(s), characters, symbols or setting). The quotations, images and theme must make a clear link in the viewer’s mind!! Provide a sentence or two on each slide to explain the connection and significance of the contents of the slide.

4. A theme statement (an introductory slide) introducing the viewer to the theme, explaining its significance in the novel and how it weaves through the narrative.

4. A conclusion slide: A summary of how you organized your visual essay to depict your interpretation of your selected theme. Include reasons, examples and what you consider to be the strengths of the essay.

5. Optional: You may wish to include background sounds in an audio recording submitted with the project.

Remember to include a credits slide for images borrowed and to identify the novel/author/publisher/date of publication.

The novel you have to use is “The kite runner”