Why does Lord Ganesh have an Elephant Head? Introduction Ganesh is one of the highly worshiped gods among the Hindu pantheon. The large followership of Genesh can be attributed to its lack of affiliations. A visit to India may not be considered complete with one not having seen a portrait of lord Ganesh. Ganesh is famous for being the god that aid in removal of obstacles, patron of arts as well as sciences. Believers also attest to obtaining intellect and wisdom from Ganesh. It is in the 4th and the 5th centuries that Genesh is said to have developed into a distinct deity (National Centre for the Performing Arts 60). It is during this Gupta period that Ganesh was formally included in the deities of Smartism. The identification of Ganesh to date is attributed to Ganapatya who elevated Genesh to the level of a supreme deity. Scriptures that are dedicated to the god Genesh are Mudgala Purana, Ganapati Atharvashirsa and Ganesha purana. The popularity of Genesh is not limited only to the problems that are solved through his worship, but the uniqueness with which Ganesh came into existence. The most stinging question to date about lord Ganesh is elephant head with which he is identified (Shukla and Talwar 77).